David Halk

Born With Legs, He Learned To Fly.

A descendant of the inventors of copyright, David Halk is Canada’s foremost expert in wealth creation. He is the only practicing Fortune 500 writer in the western hemisphere, and he is regarded by most as the first pioneer of persuasive investing. Throughout his career, David has built a historical résumé of empowering individuals with unparalleled returns on their investment. He currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he has become an advocate for social change through hyper-capitalism.

Young David Halk

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1804, David’s parents were combattants in the war of 1812. Raised with proud patriotic values, he lived in a poor household where daily meals consisted of beaver hides and antler soup. Unfortunately, this irregular diet lead to everyone in the family contracting scurvy during an unusually harsh 1817 winter. David was forced to take care of his dying family as one-by-one they succombed to the disease. As the last of his brothers was fading in his arms, he vowed that he would never be poor again. From that day on he would fight fervently to discover extreme wealth.


A few years later David discovered that his parents, being wise and prudent intellectuals, had drafted an invention called Copyright. David used the last of his inheritance to fund the invention’s prototype, and ever since then he has earned royalties off everything that has ever been patented. Upon achieving his goal, David sought to put his family’s tragic death behind him, so he enrolled in a writing workshop so that he could help others avoid the same cruel fate. The rest is history.




“Why make the rich poorer when I can just make everyone rich? Everyone is so stupid.” – David Halk