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David Halk Radio Ad

The ad that made headlines across the world! Listen to the breakthrough radio spot that turned heads and made poverty a thing of the past. Read more →

Petula Bouchard – Former Miss World Winner

Petula Bouchard is a Former Miss World Winner from Mexico. The intense fame and glamor of her success caused her to become depressed from impossible body image standards. That is, until she decided to hire David Halk! Read more →

Jean-Francois Bouchard – Rich Ad Executive

After earning millions of dollars from hiring David Halk, Jean-François Bouchard used his fortunes to begin breeding dogs and chimpanzees. Read more →

Eric Alper – World Class Lawyer

Eric Alper is a world class lawyer based in New York City. After being persuaded by a well-written email, Eric decided to give up his practice to work for me here in Montreal, QC.

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